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Lego Incredibles Codes – Claim Cheat Codes July 2024

In the fun world of Lego Incredibles, the excitement goes beyond just building blocks. Players who want a boost in their game often explore the interesting world of Lego Incredibles codes.

These special combinations open up a bunch of hidden features, extra content, and surprises, making the game even more exciting.

These Lego Incredibles Cheat Codes can include secret characters, special powers, and bonus levels that add extra fun to your Lego Incredibles adventure.

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Lego Incredibles Codes 2023 – List

There are just two Codes for the Incredibles Lego Game to get characters.

  • Gamma Jack – G1MHR7
  • Edna Mode (Juniors) – BRAB1R

Where do you put cheat codes in Lego Incredibles?

Main Menu: Extras Menu > Enter Code Screen

You only have to put in a code one time, and then you can turn it on whenever you like.

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Where to Find Characters – Incredibricks

In Lego Incredibles, there’s another type of thing you can collect to get new characters.

It’s called an Incredibrick, and you use it to build things on special platforms with an Incredibles logo.

When you do this, it unlocks new characters. Here are all the Incredibrick unlockables we know about:

  • Bing Bong – Inside Out: Residental (North)
  • Dory – Finding Nemo: Waterfront (South)
  • Junior – Pixar Intro: Financial (East)
  • Lightning McQueen – Cars: Waterfront (East)
  • Linguini – Ratatouille: Downtown (South)
  • Merida – Brave: City Park (North)
  • Russell – Up: Financial (West)
  • Spot – The Good Dinosaur: Outer Municiberg (East)
  • Sully – Monsters Inc: Docks (West)
  • Wall E – Wall E: Industrial (North)
  • Woody – Toy Story: Tourist (Central)

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Codes for Lego The Incredibles – Unlocking Studs

There aren’t any special stud unlocks in Lego The Incredibles, but you can turn on red bricks to get Multiplier studs:

  • x2 Multiplies Studs
  • x6 Multiplies Studs
  • x8 Multiplies Studs
  • x10 Multiplies Studs

In other games, you had to use studs to get these bonuses, but in Lego Incredibles, it’s different.

You can simply go to the menu and turn on a Red Brick. This means there aren’t any special stud unlocks in Lego Incredibles.

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How do you fly in Lego Incredibles?

In Lego Incredibles, some characters can fly. To make your character fly, press and hold the jump button (the one you use to make your character jump). When you keep holding the jump button, your character will start flying.

Remember, not all characters can fly, so you might want to pick a character that is known for flying, like Dash, or characters with special powers.

Also, the ability to fly can change depending on the level or situation in the game.

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