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Peroxide Codes – Roblox New Codes (July 2024)

Take a look at these Peroxide codes. You can use them to get free Product Essences in this Roblox game based on anime fighting.

It’s inspired by Bleach, and you can choose to be a Soul Reaper or a Hollow. You’ll have different powers to fight your foes.

This game is all about anime combat, and it has things like abilities, blocking, and fast moves called flash steps.

If you enjoy playing Roblox, you probably know about Peroxide Release Codes. These codes for Peroxide can get you special stuff in the game.

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What are codes for Peroxide?

Roblox Peroxide Codes are special codes that game makers give out to say thanks to players.

These Peroxide Trello Codes can give you things in the game like virtual currency, cosmetic items, gear, and more.

When you use these codes, you can make your game more exciting and get noticed in the Roblox world.

Peroxide Trello
Peroxide Trello

Working New Peroxide codes

  • Peroxide5kSubs – Enter this code to claim 10 Product Essences. (NEW)
  • 260kLikesWhatTheJoe – Enter this code to claim 20 Product Essences.
  • 160mVisitsWhatTheFB – Enter this code to claim 15 Product Essences.
  • 150mVisitsThanksForContinuedSupport – Redeem code for Product Essence
  • ThxForSurvey – Redeem code for Product Essence
  • BaskingSharkDay – Redeem code for Product Essence
  • HalloweenOmg2 – Redeem code for Product Essence
  • OOPS – Redeem code for Product Essence
  • 130MVisitsHolyMoly: x10 Product Essences
  • WungusVsRoblox: x15 Product Essences
  • YTFat: x10 Product Essences
  • TheNightOfTheWungus: x15 Product Essences and x20 Wungus
  • FusionIsAWungus: x25 Product Essences
  • 120MVisitsTheVoices: x10 Product Essences
  • 240kLikesChill: x15 Product Essences
  • 230kLikesHolySpeedrun: x15 Product Essences
  • 110mVisitsWTH: x10 Product Essences
  • 110mVisitsAwesome: x10 Product Essences

More Working Codes

  • TheApproachingStorm: x20 Product Essences
  • 220kLikesCritters: x15 Product Essences
  • SpudBugsUnite: x5 Product Essences
  • GankingSpudsHouse: x20 Product Essences and x1 free slot
  • UpdateThisWeekend: x15 Product Essences
  • 100kVisitsEpicAmongus: x50 Product Essences
  • 210kLikesJoeMama: x15 Product Essences
  • ApeirophobiaChapter2: x10 Product Essences
  • 200kLikesCritters: x20 Product Essences
  • 90MVisitswowzers: x10 Product Essences
  • Only10PeWHAAAAT: x1 Product Essence MALD
  • FungusAmongus10K: x30 Product Essences
  • Grimdub10k: x30 Product Essences

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More Working Codes

  • 190KLikesWOW: x15 Product Essences
  • 80MVisitsTyrone: x10 Product Essences
  • GrilledCheeseFluffy: x10 Product Essences and Choco Fluffies
  • 200kFavs: x15 Product Essences
  • VerminUpdate: x15 Product Essences
  • 180kLikesUpdateSoon: x15 Product Essences
  • 70mvisitsweirdge: x10 Product Essences
  • 170KLikesCodeGoblins: x15 Product Essences
  • Sussyamogusimposter: x10 Product Essences
  • 60MVisits: x15 Product Essences
  • DataOopsieDaisy2: x30 Product Essences
  • DataOopsieDaisy1: x1 Slot

More Working Codes

  • EmergencyShutdownCodeForBrokenServers: x35 Product Essences
  • 160kLikes99IsoP: x30 Product Essences
  • CodeGoblins: x20 Product Essences
  • 140kLikesNewContentSoon: x15 Product Essences
  • 130kLikesInfiniteCodes: x15 Product Essences
  • 120kLikesHolyMoly: x15 Product Essences
  • 110kLikesYouLittleCritters: x15 Product Essences
  • 100kLikesYouAllAreEatingGood: x20 Product Essences
  • 80kLikesSorryForACStrikes: x30 Product Essences

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Expired Roblox Peroxide Codes

These codes don’t work anymore:

  • 180kLikesUpdateSoon—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 170KLikesCodeGoblins—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 60MVisits—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 60MVisits!??!?!!?—Redeem for 15 Product Essence

How to Redeem Roblox Peroxide Codes

Redeeming Roblox Peroxide Codes is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Launch Peroxide on Roblox.
  2. Find and click on the Statistics icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Click Settings from the popup menu.
  4. Input the code in the Code Here text field.
  5. Hit Enter to redeem.
Image Credit: Pro Game Guides

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How to Find Roblox Peroxide Codes

Look at these places to find Roblox codes:

  1. Roblox’s Social Media: Check Roblox’s official accounts on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They share codes there a lot.
  2. Game Makers: If you like a particular Roblox game, follow the people who make it. They often share codes for their games.
  3. Online Forums: Go to Roblox community websites where players talk. They often share codes they’ve found.
  4. YouTube and Discord: Some people on YouTube and in Roblox groups on Discord share working codes too.
  5. Special Events: Join in Roblox events and special offers. They often have special codes just for those times.

How do you get Peroxide points on Roblox?

You can get points in different ways:

  1. Finishing a Time Gates gives you 75 points.
  2. When you fight Time Bubbles (Bosses), you get 1 point for every part of the boss’s health you take down.
  3. If you defeat a Storm Vastocar and do most of the damage (at least 60%), you earn 10 points.

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How do you limit break in Peroxide?

Charging the Limitbreak in Peroxide is easy. When you beat enemies, you’re not just getting rid of them, but you’re also getting closer to filling up your Limitbreak.

You can see this happening by looking at the yellow or golden bar in your Stats menu after each enemy you defeat.

How to unlock Abilities in Peroxide

In Peroxide, you can get new abilities when you level up. After every three levels, you’ll get cards that let you pick which skills you want.

There are Clan, Shikai, and Res abilities to choose from. Just click on a card to unlock the ability you want.

Also, watch your health bar; it will turn orange when you’re ready to unlock a new ability.

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